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High Salary Medical Career Options Without NEET

Date first published: 
August 11, 2022

Are you a science student seeking a job in the medical field but rather not go through the hassle of writing the NEET exam? 

Understandably so, because if you aren’t planning on being a doctor but still want to be a collaborator of the medical industry - the NEET exam may not be worth it if high-salary career options without it exist.

In today's global environment, healthcare is a widely thriving business with several opportunities for young people of our generation.

And the global healthcare business frequently outsources its services to poorer nations as a result of which Indian students have a high chance of pursuing a successful career without NEET.

So we especially talk about the remote work done for foreign companies, done at the comfort of your own home and with quite a high pay.

The high salary is attributed to the huge gap in foreign exchange rates between most currencies and India, especially dollars - $1 = Rs. 70 at the time of writing.

This is a huge win for both the youth of India and the foreign companies because they get to pay less and you get paid higher than market value!

Here are our picks of such work that you might be interested in and our top pick at the end.

Medical Career

Teaching Profession in the Medical Field

Picture this, you have a background in the medical field and have discovered that you love teaching and you’re good at it!

Maybe during college or school, people always came to you asking their doubts because they felt your explanations have value and give them clarity.

If this is you, then you absolutely must consider teaching online!

There has been an online teaching boom due to the advent of the internet which has been boosted by the pandemic with all the distance learning trends going on.

Many people have started organizations for teaching online in nearly every subject, including medical and healthcare.

So naturally, many people globally are looking to hire you as a teacher in their organization in the field that you are specialized in.

Such opportunities are easy to find and grab, it’s just a matter of surfing through Google or signing up on LinkedIn then applying/attending their interviews, and finally impressing them with your knowledge and skill - Done, you’re now hired for a remote high paying job!

Alternatively, you can start your own online education initiative.

BSc. Nutrition Course

Nutrition is perhaps the most directly beneficial courses to undertake!

Not only can you make a successful career out of it but it'll also drastically improve the lifestyle and eating habits of yourself and those around you.

People will flock to you for nutrition advice wether it be for people who are diabetic, children or simply people just trying to be healthier.

Everyone wants to get healthier and you can be a great source of information and consulting to others.

From the last two lines you can understand the amount of demand there is nutritional advice which should give you a hint that there is huge monetization opportunities.

After such a course, you may be employed by several institutions like HealthifyMe or basically any gym that sells nutritional advise or start your own freelance consulting.

Remote abroad opportunities are also plenty which means higher work flexibility as well as salary.

Technical Content Writer of Devices In the Medical Field

Perhaps speaking isn’t your forte and you’re much better at communicating or educating using written text.

In which case you must be a technical content writer. It’s really mostly about writing content for a blog post such as this one or writing a piece of content for several many channels from social media to ad copywriting.

Even tutorials and instruction manuals of medical devices that’ll be useful to people who want to understand how to work those medical devices

What’s different with a technical content writer is that they have specialized knowledge - in this case on medical devices as well as the ability to write clearly and effectively in a way that people can read and understand easily.

Again, with the advent of the internet and the onslaught of the pandemic, there has been a boom in the content marketing space and a great demand for content writers in nearly every field.

Every business globally in the medical field needs content for marketing purposes that only a technical content writer can best provide.

Medical Coder

This is our top pick and so we’ll be going into full detail with this one!

You have a vital job as a medical coder. The medical coder's job is to make sure your healthcare business gets paid for services, cuts expenses and generates financial reports. Most individuals are unaware of how much work goes into these operations on a daily basis. To work effectively, you will need to use specialist expertise.

Your daily tasks will include ensuring that a patient's account is complete before processing it, entering accurate and thorough diagnosis and procedure codes for each service provided to the patient, communicating with various insurance companies to ensure claims are processed quickly and correctly, and responding to requests from patients, providers, and payers regarding services provided on accounts.

Where Can You Find a Medical coder?

Medical billers and coders can be found working in a variety of contexts, including hospitals, home healthcare organizations, physician's offices, insurance firms, medical supply companies, and anywhere else where billing for services performed is the core business. It is also true that many medical coders and billers are self-employed. Independent contractors that operate as medical billers and coders might work alone or in groups.

What Is a Normal Work Schedule for a Medical coder?

If you opt to work as a medical coder, your timetable will vary based on the sort of job you do. Some employers expect employees to work eight to ten-hour days five days a week, with Saturdays and Sundays off. Some billers and coders, on the other hand, work from home and create their own schedules each day, as long as they fulfill deadlines. Other jobs may need you to have a flexible schedule, where you work long days and short days.

How Much Do Medical Billers and Coders Get Paid?

A medical coder can expect to make $48,270 per year on average. Let's break down your income based on your degree of experience. A mid-level experience will make you $21.20 per hour or $44,090 per year. If you've been working for a while and have a lot of experience, you may earn $73,370 per year or $35.27 per hour.


The decision to become a medical coder is significant. It will have an impact on your future, job happiness, and even the health of others. Medical billers and coders play an important role in the healthcare system. You will deliver a significant service that will save your employers and patients time, money, and resources. Being a medical billing professional has many advantages.

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