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Features of the best paramedical courses in India

Before you read on ahead, if you don't know what a paramedic is then check this out.

There are plenty of factors by which any paramedical course is worth the time and money investment, listed as follows:

With all the advances in paramedical technology added to the fact that a pandemic has occurred has surged in a huge wave of demand in this field.

The treatment requirements, the care requirements and skill requirements are much needed to uphold a high life expectancy.

People need paramedics in order to receive the healthcare they deserve and that's why there are plenty of paramedical colleges in order to cater to this wave of demand!

Entering this field means a huge opportunity for you in terms of stability, respect and the satisfaction of saving lives!

Paramedical Course & Programs Types

Here are several levels by the course is modelled, as you'll see there are different types of paramedical courses to choose from:

We'll go through some of these in brief detail.

Diploma and Advance Diploma Courses in Paramedical Science

They're like the middle ground of pros and cons, striking a good balance of the pros and cons of the other options so unless you have other requirements that incline you to go for other options then most likely this is on average the smoothest option between certificate and bachelors.

A diploma course typically lasts one year, while an advanced diploma course typically lasts two years, requiring less of your time. You can quickly become job-ready with the help of these courses.

They are more affordable to pursue. For lateral entry into a bachelor's degree, you can enroll in a bridge course. You may ultimately decide to pursue a master's degree and research specialization.

This model keeps you moving forward steadily throughout your career without putting any strain on your finances or other obligations.

Professionals with a degree are preferred over those with a diploma. Only a few job roles accept diplomas.

Bachelor's Degree in Paramedical Sciences

It has promising salary potential. It has promising growth and post-graduate study (M.Sc.) prospects. It lasts for three years. Not suitable for those who want to begin earning money quickly. The course is more expensive than those leading to a diploma or a certificate. Certificate program in paramedicine

Certificate Course in Paramedical Sciences

It is the course with the shortest length (usually 6 months). It makes finding a job quick. It's the least expensive choice. It makes early employment more feasible. You are given the minimal qualification necessary to work in the healthcare industry.

It provides a lower wage. Higher education and career growth prospects are not excellent. When compared to other courses, if you join the workforce with only a certificate, it might not help you advance academically.

What's the scope of paramedical sector?

In the modern world, the paramedical sector has a huge scope because there are many jobs in both the public and private sectors. One of the sectors with the fastest growth rates and a broad range is the healthcare sector.

As a result of the unanticipated pandemic situation, we all learned the importance of improving the health sector the hard way. The need for qualified paramedics who can assist specialists in their busy schedules and the need to bridge the gap between availability and demand have been brought to the attention of the world's population.

A developing nation like India's expanding population is causing hospitals to proliferate in every city to meet the country's medical needs. This will cause the healthcare industry to dominate in the future, creating a wealth of employment opportunities for paramedical professionals.

In India, there is a constant need for skilled and qualified paramedics. Once you have completed your 12th grade, you can choose the best paramedical institute to further your education and gain the skills necessary to pursue a career in the healthcare sector.

Nursing has always been an attractive career path for many, and if you’re reading this then you’re most likely one of them - great salary packages, wide range of opportunities, emotional fulfilment from improving the lives of people are few of the reasons why that is so. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into the current scope of BSc Nursing to see if it really is as great as many say it is!

Scope of Indian government scholarships in India

The current healthcare sector of India has faced great instability due to the pandemic. The spike in patients has translated to huge workforce gaps that need to be filled immediately. Naturally, the demand for talented nurses has risen beyond expectations, opening the door to a wide variety of opportunities for BSc nursing students.

You do not have to be ashamed of seeing this as an opportunity to advance in your career because this is also your chance to prove your worth as someone who can make a real impact in saving their country in times of need. People like that deserve the recognition and compensation that come their way.

Top BSc Nursing Courses in India

BSc Nursing

Keep in mind that the basic eligibility criteria for nursing admission is a minimum of 50% in class 12th from a recognized school, with science-based subjects.

Admission into the colleges may also require you to write NEET or a university-based entrance exam.

We have listed out three of our best picks, each with a different set of advantages that cater to different sets of people. After all, not everyone can get admitted into the most expensive and prestigious institutions. Although that would be a great plus, you don’t need it to shine in your career.

Prestige and fees are also major indicators of the campus life and  quality of training.


Ranked No.1 by many, it is considered the most prestigious institution offering a course on BSc Nursing. It is highly affordable too, with the average fees only coming up to Rs. 2,400. 

The course is only open to females, so the next best option for males with similar prestige would be PGIMER Chandigarh.

A prestigious college like this will be looking for the best and accordingly the entrance exams will be difficult. Being the most sought-out course with limited seats means that the admission is highly competitive.

CMC Vellore

Ranked just below AIIMS Delhi and PGIMER Chandigarh, it has a good reputation too. It is also relatively less tougher to get an admission.

The course fees are a bit more on the higher end with the average coming up to Rs. 64,000. Rest assured, the fairly good reputation and high course fees indicate a great campus life and quality of training.

JIPMER Pondicherry

Our list pick is JIPMER which will be easier to get an admission to and is also affordable with the average fees comping up to only Rs. 15,000.

Lesser reputation and fees generally corresponds to a compromise in campus life and quality of training, but that does not mean that it is not worth going to. Those are only circumstances, your hard work is what actually counts. If you work hard enough, you need not worry about those things holding you back in your career.

Career Prospects And Job Scopes For BSc Nursing

The chances and offers for a B.Sc. in nursing are numerous. Students might choose to either pursue a career or continue their higher education. Jobs for this training include nursing supervisors, Indian government jobs, teaching positions, nursing assistant and supervisor positions, etc. Additionally, students have the option of enrolling in post-graduate programs such the MSc in Renal, MSc Biochemistry, MSc Nursing, MSc Biotechnology, etc.

Below are some of the popular jobs after BSc Nursing;

Salary Expectations and Jobs For BSc Nursing Students

The average BSc Nursing graduate can expect to receive salaries in the range of Rs 1.2L - 4.8L, but they never have to worry about being unemployed because of all the opportunities out there.

Here are some of the most popular designations along with their salary expectations:

DesignationSalary Expected (Rs - LPA)
Nurse Educator1.9
Nursing Instructor1.3
ICU Nurse1.1

Other job profiles are staff nurse, nursing admins, nursing executives and military nurses; some of which offer more pay.

Need any help to find best fit colleges and courses for you? IVS Study Links are here to help you to find the best nursing colleges for you.

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