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Best Education Consultancy Services In Kerala

We are an exclusive education consultant in Kerala, who can assist you in achieving your goals!
Are you planning to continue your education? IVS Study Links, Kerala's no. 1 educational consultancy dedicated solely to higher studies in India.

IVS Study Links, Kerala's top higher education consultant, ensures that students who aspire to pursue higher education receive the best education advice.

We are equipped with extensive knowledge about admission procedures in various universities and countries, and the capability to engage students with universities they wish to attend. After years of quality services, we can now confidently claim to be one of The Best Education Consultants in Kerala.

We assist in every stage of the process with expert experiences, from planning to enrolment. IVS Study Links takes pride in its warm, approachable, and professional team, and wants to be Kerala's best educational consultant for "University Admission Center." Being the best Education Consultants in Kerala, professionals working at IVS Study Links are qualified to assist you in finding an ideal education institute, holding your hand closely during the application process.

Why Do Students Need A Good Education Consultant In Kerala

The educational consultant's responsibilities include guiding students and families through the university admission process, as well as making regular trips to colleges to gain a better understanding of the programs and possibilities available to students. In such scenarios, a qualified educational consultant can help you plan your higher studies as well as choose the right institution and program for your needs and circumstances. While no counselor can guarantee admission to any college, he or she can assist your child in identifying his or her academic strengths. Good educational consultants in Kerala can also assist students by providing constructive guidance for admissions, which could fit in nicely with their tenets.
As a responsible education consultancy service in Kerala, we will work on college preparation and admissions concerns, just like guidance counselors, using your extensive knowledge to find new alternatives for students and alert families about options that might not otherwise be heard.

How Can IVS Study Links Help?

Getting admission to top universities is not an easy task. We will go to great lengths to obtain one acceptance letter for your desired institution. Once a student enters our doors, we provide them with guidance and help. Every piece of support is targeted to the kids' specific needs.
IVS Study Links is here to help you achieve your academic goals. We assist you in finding the ideal university and guide you through the application process. Our numerous services are tailored to meet your specific requirements.
We examine students' grades, extracurricular activities, volunteer opportunities, and work histories as Education Consultants and make recommendations that will strengthen their applications to universities that are most suited for them. We assist incoming undergraduate students and their families in researching college alternatives and navigating the college application process.

Kerala- The No.1 Educated State

According to a report based on a National Statistical Office survey, Kerala is India's most literate state, with a literacy rate of 96.2 percent. Apart from that, the Kerala government is making every effort to improve the state's educational quality and standard. Recognizing the importance of a literate population and the provision of elementary education as a critical input for nation-building, the state government has initiated several educational development programs in Kerala in recent years, with the support of the national government.
As a result, students seeking higher education are in Kerala. This led to the need for education consultancy services in Kerala. Only experienced education consultants possess the knowledge, experience, and networks with leading colleges and universities overseas, and they can better assist you to secure admission to the course you are looking for. IVS Study Links promises to assist students from Kerala in securing admissions at top universities in India and abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here, so feel free to send us a message if you do not find what you are looking for.
Which is the best education consultancy in Kerala?
IVS Study Links, Kerala's no. 1 educational consultancy dedicated solely to higher studies in India.

We are equipped with extensive knowledge about admission procedures in various universities and countries, and the capability to engage students with universities they wish to attend. After years of quality services, we can now confidently claim to be one of The Best Educational Consultants in Kerala.
What differentiates IVS Study Link from other education consultants?
Founded in 2018, we have significant experience guiding students with widely differing backgrounds, abilities, and interests. Our consultants collaborate closely with one another when critiquing essays and assessing college lists so each student benefits from our team approach and collective experience. We regularly visit colleges around the country and attend professional conferences, sharing our findings on admission trends and what is happening on campuses with our colleagues.
What kind of colleges/ Universities Do you Suggest for students?
We focus mainly on the course and universities of your preference. For backup, we will suggest and apply to some other universities as well.

If you have no idea about the universities, we will provide a list based on your academic qualifications, budget, location preference, etc.
Do I need an education agent?
While you can apply to study directly at an institution, you may choose to use the expertise of an international education specialist (also known as a student counselor) to guide you through the process of choosing the right university or college and enrolling thereafter. Using an accredited and trusted agent, like IVS Study Link, can help reduce the stress of choosing an institution in another country, applying, and preparing to leave.

Our student counselors are knowledgeable and up-to-date on curriculum changes and have your best interests at heart. Most of them have been Kerala's students themselves and can thus offer first-hand advice every step of the way.
What ongoing support does IVS give?
Our service extends beyond study advice and applications. We organize pre-departure orientations that cover topics such as student life in your new country, advice on adapting to a new culture, and how to deal with homesickness besides managing money and developing soft skills.

We also host welcome activities when you arrive in your new city where you'll meet fellow and former international students from around the world.
How can you help us choose a university?
The selection of the university depends on the resources available to the students. University admission is dependent on the grades, budget, and cultural background of the student. All students may not be able to qualify for top universities and hence it is important to find the right fit.
What sort of universities do you represent?
IVS Study Link works only with reputed and accredited universities. Our students have acquired degrees from the most reputed institutions. The universities are both top-tier as well as middle-tier.

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